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Baileys Soil Matters Clay & Compost is an all-in-one soil conditioner for permanent amendment of sandy, hydrophobic soils. It contains Soil Solver kaolin clay, silts and rock minerals as well as mature compost to increase soil capacity to hold nutrients and water, and naturally regenerate soil fertility. The premium ingredients create a loam like soil texture, that will grow a lush, healthy garden and nutrient dense food.

Baileys Soil Matters Clay & Compost 25L

    • Each bag contains 10kg Soil Solver - Kaolin Clay & Mineral Silts
    • Permanently improves water and nutrient holding capacity of sandy soils.
    • Permanently improves soil wettability.
    • Mineral silts and organics improve soil fertility and biological activity. 
  • Preparing Garden Beds & Lawns  

    • Prepare the area by removing all weeds, rocks and debris. 
    • Each bag contains 10kg of Soil Solver Mineralised Clay. To achieve a soil clay content of 5% distribute one bag of Baileys Soil Matters Clay & Compost evenly over 1m2. 
    • Work well into the top 100mm with a rotary hoe or garden fork. 
    • Water well and mix again before planting or laying lawn. 

    Tree & Shrub Planting 

    • Spread 1-2 bags over 1m2 and mix to a depth of 200-300mm.
    • Dig a hole twice as large as the root ball, plant and backfill with amended soil.
    • Water well. 
    • Protect the top soil by covering with a fully composted mulch, such as Baileys Moisture Mulch. 
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