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Diggers Easy Cleanup is a specially formulated alternative to Mineral Turpentine. Can be mixed with Diggers Linseed Oil to promote penetration into timber.



  • Effective brush cleaner
  • Lifts scuff marks from tile surfaces, vinyl floors, kick boards and rubber bumper bars
  • Removes shoe polish stains from carpets (beware of rubber backing)
  • Cleans and polishes timber floors
  • Cleans soap scum from tiles
  • Removes oil and grease from motor parts and metal tools
  • Lubricates locks, hinges, drawer runners, drill bits, bicycle chains and other moving parts
  • Tar remover
  • Removes grease stains from clothes (always spot test first)



  • Low odour
  • Removes a wide variety of stains

Diggers Easy Cleanup

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