Suitable for under gate cabling, softer outer layer for easier stripping, also suitable for initial lead out lengths (Energizer to start of fence system) of less than 0.5km/1/3 mile.

Gallagher Double Insulated 2.5mm Soft Cable

    • Easy to handle 2.5mm/12.5 guage galvanised wire
    • Should be laid in plastic pipe for physical protection when used underground
    • Suitable between earth pegs in earth system
    • Resistance: 35 Ohms per kilometre/56 Ohms per mile.
    • Voltage (kV) at 2km of fence: 4.2kV
    • Voltage (kV) at 5km of fence: 2.4kV
    • Diameter or Tape Width: 2.5mm
    • Ohms Per Km: 35
    • Voltage (kV) at 10km of fence: 1.4kV
    • Warranty: 10Years