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For instant reassurance that your fence is working


The Volt Meter provides a digital read out for accurate fence voltage measurement.


Helps trace fence line shorts and faults and checks earth performance/voltage

Gallagher Fence Volt Meter

    • Reads the voltage for battery energizers even when Energizer is in Battery Save Mode
    • Earth stake for good ground connection
    • Fence stud - for quick, no fuss contact with fence
    • Powered by one 9V battery with a life of 6-12 months
    • Displays fence voltage from 100V to 10kV in 100 volt increments
    • Displays fence voltage from 10kV to 12kV in 1,000 volt increments
    • Activated when fence pulse is detected
    • Auto turn-on indication
    • Display shows low battery condition
    • Water resistant
    • Protective pouch included
    • 9V battery included (6LR61)
    • Maximum voltage rating 15kV.
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