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The green manure mix contains the following seeds:

  • Trigonella foenum-graecum: Fenugreek
  • Avena sativa: Oats
  • Trifolium repens: White clover
  • Vicia villosa: Hairy Vetch from the bean family
  • Panicum milliaceum: Millet
  • Fagopyrum esculentum: Buckwheat
  • Brassica rapa: Field mustard

Sow between seasons to enrich and protect soil. Adds valuable organic matter and nutrients.

Mr. Fothergill's Packet Seeds Green Manure Mix

  • Spread seed thinly over finely prepared soil that has been already watered. After 2-3 months and 2-3 weeks before ground is required, dig in the crop chopping up with a spade as you dig in.

    If plants start to set seed, cut the seeds heads off to prolong growth time. Crop should be dug in before seeding.

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