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Providing two stages of filtration the EM2-60 is a lower capacity, twin housing, whole house system, designed for those who are concerned about sediment and chemicals in their water. The first stage filters out sediment down to 5 microns, whilst the second stage removes chemicals, bad tastes and odours.

A whole house filter system designed for the budget-conscious householder. Suited to small households, these systems are designed for both mains and rainwater supply. These systems reduces taste, odour, chemicals and sediment from your water.

Puretec EM2-60 Whole House Dual Water Filtration System

    • Able to operate on gravity feed pressure.
    • Designed specifically for rain water.
    • Can also be used on mains, river, dam and bore water.
    • Dual stage filtration for longer filter life.
    • Washable sediment cartridge that removes dirt, rust and algae in water.
    • Suitable for UV system pre-filtration.
    • Replacement Cartridge(s)
      - Stage 1 filtration: PL05MP1 
      - Stage 2 filtration: DP10MP1 
    • Micron Rating: 5
    • Flow Rate: 60 Lpm
    • Min/Max Temperature: 0 - 52°C (Protect from freezing)
    • Min/Max Pressure: 200 - 875 kPa
    • Connection: 1” BSP [25mm]
    • Warranty: 10 years
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