You’ve Got the Power The PWRCore 20™ 2.5Ah Lithium Battery is backed by an innovative temperature management system that results in longer run time and battery life. Each cell is surrounded by revolutionary phase change materials to keep the battery cool and powering through any project. You can use this lithium battery to power up any SKIL 20V power tool!

SKIL 20V PWRCore 20™ 2.5Ah Lithium Battery

  • What’s Included: 2.5Ah Battery

    • LONGER RUN TIME & BATTERY LIFE—Industry leading PWRCore™ 20 lithium battery technology wraps each cell with cooling material to keep the battery powering on for 25% longer run time & 2X battery life.
    • ALWAYS KNOW CHARGE STATUS—Green LEDs show status, so you always know how much charge is left.
    • POWER UP 20V TOOLS—Pairs with any SKIL 20V tool.


    • Net weight: 0.44 kg
    • 20V

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