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Get Powered Up Fast. Charge any SKIL 20V PWRCore™ Lithium battery in a flash with the SKIL PWRCore 20™ Auto PWRJump™ Charger. Less charging time for batteries means less downtime, getting you back to the job faster. When you power up your tools with the SKIL 20V Charger, nothing can stand between you and getting the job done.

SKIL PWRCore 20™ Auto PWRJump™ Charger

  • What’s Included: PWRJUMP™ Charger

    • ALWAYS KNOW CHARGE STATUS—Clear LED indicator lights show charge status.
    • CHARGE ALL 20V TOOLS—Pairs with any SKIL 20V product.
    • CHARGES IN 5 MINUTES— Automatic PWRJump™ charges the battery in just 5 minutes, or 100% battery in 40 minutes (2.5Ah battery).


    • Charge current: 6A
    • 40 mins for 2.5Ah battery; 60 mins for 5.0Ah battery
    • Input voltage & frequency: 120V~60Hz
    • Output voltage: 20V
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