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A flexible polyurethane based expanding foam with a specially designed patented trigger mechanism ensuring precise dosage and removing the need for an additional gun. The foam cures to become fully flexible, making it the ideal insulating gap filler as it is capable to absorb the movement of the substrates without cracking. It is easy to use, can be operated with one hand and is re-usable up to 6 weeks later. Genius Gun Flexible Insulation Expanding Foam is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator which bonds to practically all building materials such as brick, concrete, PVC, timber, insulation materials, pipes, cables, ducts, metals and many other plastics (except PP, PE, PTFE and silicones).

Expands to approximately 30 times the size of the can, moisture curing, water resistant, excellent thermal insulator (better than many other insulation materials), absorbs sound, extremely light weight once cured, fully flexible. The typical blue colour distinguishes the product from other types of PU Foams.

Soudal Flexible Insulation Foam 750mL

    • Excellent Insulation
    • Remains flexible to absorb building movement
    • Re-usable for 4 weeks
    • One handed operation
    • Trigger control
  • Insulation and filling of expansion joints, filling of joints between wall panels, filling of openings between window frames and the surrounding constructions, filling of wall cavities, holes, pipe penetrations. Perfect for improving thermal and acoustic insulation and for eliminating thermal bridges or draft. Does not affect building materials including cables and insulation panels. Can be cut, sanded, plastered or covered with a sealant once fully cured. Cover in order to protect from UV for longer life. Internal and external use.

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